Use our logo for all your Destination Space internal and external communications.

The primary logo is Destination Space in DS Europa (green). Wherever possible use this version.

It has been designed to work across all platforms and there are download packs for Web use, Print use and Office use. Download links are at the bottom of this page.

Other versions

Primary logo in other colours

Logo without strapline

Logo with no badge

The Crew Training logo is provided in a number of versions and formats. The zip file below contains hi-res JPG files for print use and PNG files for office and web use. Below are shown the various versions of the crew training logos contained in the zip file…

If the above logos don’t cover your requirements, then you can use the Crew Training editable files linked at the bottom of this page.

Using the Crew Training editable files

If you need to please use the editable Adobe Illustrator files linked below. Make sure you have Source Sans Pro - Black Italic installed on your system. The font can be downloaded from Google Fonts.

Clear space and size

To ensure clarity and impact it’s important to not crowd the logo with text or images. Always ensure there is a clear space between the logo and other elements.

Minimum logo size

To maintain legibility, the logo cannot be reproduced below the following measurements.

  • Web min width: 100px
  • Print min width: 25mm
Minimum logo exclusion zone

X = 10% of logo width