Core colours

Colour and its use is an integral part of our brand expression. There are three core colours and two secondary colours which help to create a sense of diversity and bring life to the brand.

The core colours are based on neon pantone swatches, as a result the CMYK colour values have been tweaked to give the richest result in four colours. Wherever possible it is recommended that you use the Pantone colours as a spot colour in your print jobs for the full impact.

DS Europa

Pantone 802c

Hex: #3cd52e

R:60 G:213 B:46

C:75 M:0 Y:100 K:0

DS Venus

Pantone 807c

Hex: #f128c1

R:241 G:40 B:193

C:5 M:100 Y:0 K:0

DS Dark Matter

Pantone 276c

Hex: #231c34

R:35 G:28 B:52

C:83 M:84 Y:48 K:60

Secondary colours

DS Neptune

Pantone 801c

Hex: #0097cd

R:0 G:152 B:206

C:78 M:25 Y:3 K:0

DS Vacuum

Pantone 5255c - 74% tint

Hex: #524c62

R:82 G:76 B:99

C:70 M:69 Y:40 K:25