About the characters

The Destination Space characters are a major asset for the programme and the website that is being developed. They can be used by your teams in any materials you’re developing to promote or deliver Destination Space activity.

Tim Peake

Tim is heading to the ISS and needs the Destination Space Crew to get him there. He appears here in his customised spacesuit with blue trim.


Taking a giant leap, these brave souls are going to leave the Earth's atmosphere and place their lives in the Destination Space Crew, for science!

Mission Planners

Calculating the Delta-V needed to reach the desired orbit, the Mission Planners surf through space without leaving the ground. Their style is inspired by surfwear and beach culture. Their props are pens and orbital charts.

Space Engineers

Suiting up in clean room gear and getting hands on, no one is better qualified than the engineers to build the spacecraft, satellites and other technological marvels. From schematic to launchpad, the engineers have a hand in it all.

Flight Directors

Flight Directors are a relaxed bunch, but then you have to be when the success of the mission and the lives of your crew are in your hands. These guys are in full control and in constant contact with the astronauts via their communications headsets. Their Principia mission security passes make sure they are never shut out of the control room.

Astronaut Trainers

The Astronaut Trainers are always on the go, going from place to place, making sure the crew are up to speed on evrything they need to know. Their satchels are full to the brim with training materials and inspirational books.

Space Scientists

What would you like to do if you had access to a zero gravity science lab? For the scientists it's a matter of deciding what is the most important experiment to run as there's limited storage on a rocket to space!

Flight Surgeons

How does the body react to zero gravity? How do you prepare for a long time in space? Easy as a Flight Surgeon, they will make sure the astronaut are in tip top condition for their giant leap! They have access to the latest health monitoring apps on their tablet computers, but there's no substitute for a good old-fashioned stethescope.